After being denied entry to use the Kitchen of the Ross Street Gurdwara Sahib in Vancouver. The Sikh Youth have decided to feed the homeless and needy across the street. Currently, a lawsuit is filed against the managing committee for lack of programs and unfair elections.

Here is the message from the Sikh Youth Vancouver:

Feeding the needing in Vancouver.

Food prep this Friday, March 12 at Ross Gurdwara (Guru Amar Das Niwas) and cooking on Saturday morning and serving downtown at noon.
We no longer are allowed to prep or cook the food at the Gurdwara as the committee has kicked us out 3 months ago. We did not want to share this publically but people are asking why we have gone to across the street.

Its because they will not allow us to use the Gurdwara Kitchen even though it is empty on Friday night and Saturday morning our volunteers used it at 6 am but they made up excuses that people are complaining but would not say who.

There are a total of 7 gas cook tops available and we even offered to pay and book the kitchen for Friday nights just so we could prep and cook but they will not even give it to us even if we are paying. At first they gave it but then said they made a mistake and we can’t have it but there is no reason.

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