Gurdwara Damaged in UK in a Hate Crime, Kashmir Blamed For Attack, Gurdwara Serves 500 Meals Daily

While Sikhs served food to millions around the world, a man attacked Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara Sahib in Derby, UK who blamed the attack over Kashmir lockdown. The incident according to sources occurred earlier in the morning and considerable damage has occurred.

Front door of Gurdwara Sahib damaged

The motive of the attack on the Gurdwara was written on a note which stated that it was due to Indian government lockdown of Indian Kashmir.

The Gurdwara Sahib issued the following statement on Twitter:

Brick used in damaging property of Gurdwara Sahib

Local Sikhs who worship at the Gurdwara Sahib were outraged over the incident that the suspect ignorantly targeted a Gurdwara Sahib over the Kashmir issue.

Damage to Gurdwara Sahib door

The suspect was identified and arrested but charges weren’t announced by the police. The local congregation expects charges will be of hate crime related.

Suspect seen on CCTV image

The suspect left behind a note stating it was due to Kashmir lock down he attacked the Gurdwara Sahib.

Note suspect left behind as evidence

The UK Minister of State for Building Safety Stephen Greenhalgh tweeted the following:

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