A news report carried by CBC news of Canada shows how an Indian born Gurdwara Committee member named Ajay Rai told a Canadian born Sikh protesting outside Ross street Gurdwara Sahib to “go back to India.”

The racist comment by the Gurdwara committee member has caused sentiments of Canadians born citizens of Sikh religion to be hurt. The committee members comments has caused outrage on social media.

The video has gone viral on social networks calling the committee member to step down.

People on social media expressed their views with the following comments:

Sat Basi How do you tell a Canadian born to go back to India with an accent. Lol

Rajinder Mehat Puri Shame to like his people

Sukhwinder Grewal Hay Ross street management committee you go back to India with modi. Free our gurdwara and start take carge of newly built modi mandir.

Ross Street Committee Members Tells Canadian… by dailysikhupdates

Gurdwara doors locked in Vancouver by dailysikhupdates

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