Gurdwara collapse at Geeta colony, Delhi : One dead, Five serious

One killed Five seriously hurt in a Gurdwara building collapse at Geeta Colony, Krishna nagar, Delhi – 110051 due to late night digging by PWD for constructing a wall. Its being said that the work was undergoing late at night at arond 2 AM, for the reasons unknown.

A Gurdwara Sahib in Delhi was demolished due to work going on in a building next door which caused the foundation of the Gurdwara to weaken and crumble.

The tremendous earth moving work and digging of the Gurdwara wall caused the foundation of the Gurdwara Sahib to weaken and crumble.

The walls crumbled overnight causing the debris of the walls to fall on several people who were taken to the hospital after suffering injuries. One of the injured was a five year old daughter of the Granthi who was reported dead.

The Gurdwara’s committee had approached various officials regarding their concerns but no one care to listen to them.

The volunteers of the Gurdwara urged members of the Sikh community to arrive at the site help in aiding in the relief efforts. The Singh in the video stated saroops of Guru Sahib were still under the debris.

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