(DSU News Bureau) Gurdwara Singh Sabha attacked and taken over by a group called the Brahmin Sabha in Kishtawar city of Jammu and Kashmir. The Gurdwara Sahib was pelted with stones and Sikhs inside were beaten and removed.

The situation became intense after the Brahmin Sabha took possession of the Gurdwara Sahib and emptied rooms by throwing out religious belongings. The Sikh sentiments were hurt after religious articles of faith were discarded.

The SSP of Kishtawar said he would will take immediate action and arrest the accused. The Sikhs are outraged and calling the act sacrilege.

SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar issued a statement in protest of the attack on the Gurdwara by the Brahmin Sabha. Makkar said he protests against the beating of the Gurdwara Sevadar Sadi Singh and other Sikhs inside the Gurdwara Sahib. He added, the take over of the Gurdwara by the Brahmin Sabha is against the law and totally disrespecting law and order.


He spoke to the DGP and Deputy Police Commissioner of Kashimir and Kishtawar on telephone and said “a case is going on in court regarding the concerned Gurdwara.” He added, “Despite a case in court, the Brahmin Sabha took law into their hands with beating of Sikhs and illegal take over of the Gurdwara.”

While speaking to the Deputy Commissioner he said, “such acts can cause tensions in Kishtawar among communities and peace and harmony must be maintained and those who took over the Gurdwara should hand it back to the Gurdwara Committee immediately with the strictest charges brought against them.”

The Gurdwara Sahib has been under the control of Sikhs for over 90 Years.

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