Gurdass Mann’s song ‘Punjab’ is receiving tremendous response on social media. The video of the track takes a person through the various eras of Punjab when the independence struggle to the current struggle of drugs. The song at some points makes the user quite emotional as it reminds them about the past.

The song is hypocritical stance of Gurdass Mann’s older song ‘Apna Punjab’ which favors drinking alcohol.

Iconic singer, Gurdas Maan is back with his latest album and has released a very intriguing teaser of the album titled “Punjab.”

Ruling the roost in Punjabi music since decades, Gurdas Maan is seen in an all new avatar in the track. He’s seen elevating in the air saying in Punjabi which means in English: “it’s time to go get him.”

In the teaser, Mann talks about bringing someone to Punjab, but who is he talking about and what’s his connection to Punjab is yet to be seen.

There has been a lot of buzz about this on his social media as well, where the Punjabi singer, for the first time, was seen engaging with his fans. He had requested his fans to help him find a box, post which the album’s teaser was let out.

This is the first time the legendary singer is under taking some interesting promotional strategies to launch his next album.

First song video of the album released on Feb. 9. The album has music by Jatinder Shah and the lyrics have been penned by Gurdas Maan.

Title : Punjab
Singer : Gurdas Maan
Album : Punjab
Music : Jatinder Shah
Lyrics : Gurdas Maan

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