Gurdas Maan’s hit song ‘Punjab’ which depicts the reality of the current Punjab has gone viral on social media. The song appeared to be shared by just about every Punjabi on social media including top singers and websites. Social media was buzzing due to the reality check presented in the videography of the song.

However, many took to social media to speak out against the hypocritical past of the singer. They stated that Gurdas Maan’s song is no doubt wonderful but his past songs such as ‘Apna Punjab’ glorified alcoholic drinking.

Many on social media questioned Gurdas Maan over visiting several Dera Baba’s such as Nakodar wala Baba depicted in the following picture and the Nirankari Baba.

Some of Gurdas Maan’s fans also questioned why the song was released post the Punjab Assembly elections and stated it would’ve been better the song was released prior.

The following pictures were seen very widely circulated on social media.



Picture of Gurdas Maan at Nirankari Baba


Professor Rao who wrote several books on Punjabi language spoke out against the ‘Apna Punjab’ song of Gurdas Maan.

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