Mentally Challenged Girl Raped in Rohtak, Large Stones and Rods Found Inside

The limits of crime were surpassed once again with a horrendous crime in Rohtak. A crime so vicious even the doctor said he’d never seen anything so gruesome. The doctor who performed the postmortem report said stone and rods were found inside the Nepali women in Rohtak. The woman was first abducted from her home […]

Gippy Grewal’s Song “Zaalam” On Dharmi Fauji Goes Viral

Gippy Grewal’s song “Zaalam” has gone completely viral on social networks. The video starts off by showing a family discussing career related issues. Things immediately turn serious after the daughter complains a local policeman had been harassing her. The policeman walks and falsely arrests the brother and sister. The story goes onto show how brutality […]

Punjabi Singer Express Outrage on Condition of Punjab Highway (Video)

Punjabi singer Nirmal on his way from Chandigarh recorded a video of the condition of a Punjab highway connecting the city. He states 3 outs of the 4 toll both stations were shut down but it’s remnants still remained on the road. He expressed outrage stating that a number of accidents and lives have been […]

Swami Om Openly Says ” I Will Shoot Kejriwal” (Video)

A Sadhu by the name of Swami Om from HIndu Mahasabha has publicly stated he will kill Kejriwal. The Swami whose contesting the New Delhi Assembly elections from Palika Bazaar as an independent but claims to be supporting the BJP with BJP gear on. The Sadhu aggressively stated that Arvind Kejriwal is a traitor to […]

Racists Target Major Kalsi on Reddit

Racists posted several Memes on reddit dishonoring Major Kalsi. When Major Kalsi came across these he responded “A divisive and irreverant meme was sent out by someone named Mike. We’ve kept that meme in the corner and created another which proudly displays our shared American values… service, sacrifice, and our commitment to humanity. Please share […]

Chaar Sahibzaade Film’s DVD and Blue-Ray Set to Release

The official distributor for the Film “Chaar Sahibzaade” Dharam Seva Films has announced the DVD and Blue Ray release of the record breaking film. Film “Chaar Sahibzaade” has become one of the most watched and highest grossing Punjabi film in history. The film broke over 20 records at the box office and earned high praise […]

BBC Features Sri Harmandir Sahib in Exclusive Clip

The famous Scottish Chef named Tony Singh traveled to Punjab and visted Sri Harmandir Sahib to understand and rediscover his roots. He begins his journey in Amritsar – draped in lights for the festival of Diwali – before braving the treacherous Grand Trunk Road to Delhi, a place Tony has only ever visited twice. Along […]

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Shabad Where All Regions of India Mentioned

In Akal Ustat verses by Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji where he tells that all the people in world are in command of God/worship God/Sing Glory of God. The Bengalis of Bengal, the Phirangis of Phirangistan and Dilwalis of Delhi are the followers of Thy Command. The Rohelas of Rohu mountain, the Maghelas of […]

Jaap Sahib is One of The Greatest Literary Work in History

Jaap Sahib, given place of prominence in the Dasam Granth is the invocation made by the khalsa-a hymn in praise of the omnipotent God. The attributes and qualities of God delineated herein are based on the transcendental nature of God, He who is without attributes as in the ideology of Nirgunwad. While on one hand […]