Kabaddi Player Gurjit Singh from Jalandhar shares his story of how he battled drug addiction and steroids by the help of Gurbani.

He stated:

Kabaddi players do a lot of drugs and I got involved in it also. My kidneys failed and my father took me to many hospitals.

After my brother had me listened to Gurbani, than suddenly things started getting better. I went to Sri Harmandar Sahib and did ishnaan five times and remarkably my kidney function and body started feeling better. I listened to more and more gurbani and my health improved significantly.

The doctors were amazed at my results and said it was miraculous.

I am now retraining after a lapse of 2-3 years and I urge all my fellow Kabaddi players to not use drugs because it might help for a day or 2 but not more than that and will cause more harm.

The Power of Gurbani by dailysikhupdates

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