Gurbaksh Singh Opposed and Told to Leave Bapu Surat Singh’s House

(DSU News Bureau) According to eyewitness accounts and video posted by Surinder Singh Thikriwala, Gurbaksh Singh was opposed and told to leave house of Bapu Surat Singh. Reportedly, Gurbaksh Singh arrived with armed body guards provided by the Punjab Government.

The Singhs at Bapu Surat Singh’s house expressed their unhappiness to Gurbaksh Singh over giving up the cause for Sikh political prisoners. Gurbaksh Singh had gone on 2 hunger strikes both ending unsuccessfully but raising awareness of the issue.

Bapu Surat Singh has been on hunger strike since January 16 and is demanding release of political prisoners who’ve served their required terms.


Singhs from the morcha were disappointed Gurbaksh Singh showed up on the 112th day and not sooner. They were also unhappy he showed up with body guards and felt unsafe at the morcha site.

Surinder Singh Thikirwala stated “Gurbaksh Singh wasn’t willing to leave and he attempted to sabotage the Morcha.”

Singhs Kick out Gurbaksh Singh From Bapu Surat… by dailysikhupdates

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