Rejected Jathedar of Akal Takht Gurbachan Singh spoke on giving the pardon to Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Sirsa Dera. Gurbachan Singh repeatedly said he didn’t accept the apology and the pardon was just accepting the letter received.

When asked about the summon by the Panj Piyare, “He stated that the Panj Piyare were created by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for the purpose of Amrit Ceremony and that they have no jurisdiction to summon anyone.”

Giani Gurbachan Singh who was removed as the jathedar of Akal Takht by Sarbat Khalsa (grand assembly of Sikhs) at Chabba village in Amritsar on November 10 last year(2015) accepts that Pardon to Dera Sirsa head Ram Rahim was mistake. Its notable that on 25th september, 2015. Ram Rahim appeared in an initiation ceremony wearing clothes usually associated with Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Jathedars (removed by Sarbat Khalsa on 10th November) took back the decision to pardon Dera Saudha Sadh Ram Rahim due to strong opposition of Sikhs.

“The Gurmta was not accepted by the Guru-Panth. Considering the sentiments of Sikhs, we quash the Decision taken to pardon dera head. All five Jathedars are dedicated for the dignity of Khalsa panther,” said Gaini Gurbachan Singh said after taking back the decision.
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