(DSU News Bureau) In 2 separate incidents in 2 USA Cities, 2 Indians gunned down by gunmen in attempted robberies 2 gas stations.

Sanjay Patel lost his life after gunmen killed him at a gas station he worked at in New Haven, Connecticut. He was shot multiple times in the chest and hand by masked gunmen who open fired at the gas station.

Sanjay leaves his pregnant wife with his first child and parents who he hadn’t seen for 15 years in India.

Eyewitnesses saw the gunmen running down the street after the shooting.

“We are looking for two people that may be involved. We don’t necessarily believe that two were firing guns. We know at least one was,” New Haven police spokesman Officer David Hartman said.

The other incident took place in Illinois where Rajesh Madal who also worked at a gas station was shot dead by gunman in another robbery attempt.

The robber was tracked down by police and killed in an an encounter.

The locals who knew raj said he was an “awesome guy” and very talkative and nice.

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