Gunmen Attack 2 Sikh Gurdwaras in Greece, Shots Fired

Emerging Details:
-The attacked happened in 2 separate cities in Greece in an organized attack on the Sikh Community.
-Gurdwara Sri Deshmesh and Gurdwara Ravidass were attacked
-No one saw the suspects
-Shots from investigation reveal they were from a rifle.
– Attack happened around Amritvela Time around 3:30 am
-2 Singhs heard shots and ran to seek cover
– No one was injured from the attack
– 2nd Attack on Gurdwara Sahib Sri Deshmesh in 2 years
– Sangat upset but in Chardi Kala
– Sangat coming to Gurdwara Sahib in very small numbers in worry of another attack
– Attack appears to be driven due to economic unrest in Greece, where extremist native greeks attack minorities to drive Sikhs out of the country.
– Doors and windows smashed
-CCTV image caught footage of attack

GUrdwara greece attacked gun

Greece Gurdwara Attacked With Firearms by dailysikhupdates

Breaking News: Report on two Gurdwaras attacked by gunfire in Greece in the earlier hours of Sunday 21 September 2014. Gurdwara Sri Dasmesh Singh Sabha, Marathona,Greece and Sri Guru Ravidas Darbar were targetted in a suspected organised attacked.

More details: Stay Tuned

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