Reports of a clash outside the Renton Gurdwara have surfaced.

Reports of gunfire at a Sikh Gurdwara sent officers from several agencies to Talbot Road South on Sunday, Captain Ohashi from Kent Fire Department said.


An argument between two members of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington congregation broke out in the Gurdwara’s parking lot, and quickly escalated.

Witnesses told police the two men were yelling at each other, which attracted a small crowd. One man suddenly pulled out a handgun, and it fired into the ground when several bystanders tried to restrain him.

“Nobody should take any weapon inside the Gurdwara. That’s very bad,” Gurdwara member Harjinder Singh said. “Everybody should come peaceful because kids come there, women come there, elders come there, so peacefully pray and go home.”

Police say no one was hurt, and no weapon was recovered. Officers detained one man, but they don’t believe he will face any charges.

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