Gun Fire Inside Canadian Parliament Builiding (Video)

Hamilton East- Stoney Creek MP Wayne Marston heard at least 20 gunshots inside Parliament Hill Wednesday morning, before he and the rest of his NDP caucus were whisked out of the building by security.

Marston said they were led out a side door, through the Senate building and then he crossed in front of the National War Memorial where he saw a shot soldier laying on the ground. He saw officials performing CPR.

While on the phone from his office, where he is on lockdown, Marston suddenly had to get away from the window, after seeing at least 10 armed police officers on the adjascent rooftop.

RCMP have issued a warning advising people to stay away from downtown Ottawa and stay clear of rooftops and windows.

Marston was one of about 90 members of the NDP caucus in their meeting room in the centre block area of Parliament when he said he heard initial four shots outside his door. Security advised them to get to the ground, before leading them to safety.

It sounded like the shooter moved to the east of the building, he said.

Once outside Marston said he spoke with a woman who told him she had run into the library to avoid being shot. She did not see the shooter.

Marston said the shots he heard sounded as though they came from one firearm.

Tory MP Bob Zimmer has tweeted that the gunman was shot and killed, but that report could not be immediately verified.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was rushed away from the building to an undisclosed location, officials in his office said.

Ottawa police confirmed they had a call at 9:52 a.m. with a report of shots fired.
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Gun Fire Inside Canadian Parliament exclusive footage captured by a news reporter.
Gun Fire Inside Canadian Parliament police respond to gun fire and lock down the building.

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