Gul Panag in a series of tweets has blasted the Indian media and journalists for making a major issue of embarassing the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during his India visit.

She stated that the media made up the Khalistani issue to make Sikhs look bad and that the demand for Khalistan does not exist in India anymore.

In her first tweet she writes:

“A full day after a tweet I replied to gave them ammunition, ( ‘revealing’ nothing I haven’t said before), right wing friends are still beating the Khalistan boogie drums. With the media following suit. Or perhaps, doing their bidding.
Deflection from real issues.”

“Any journalist worth his salt knows there’s is nothing to the Khalistan movement in Punjab anymore. And paying heed to a few irrelevant, anachronistic lunatics, isn’t something any political party or the media should be doing.”

“The issue is being deliberately, kept alive for propaganda value. As a tool to discredit people . And a stick to beat any dissenting Sikhs with ( Eg. prove to us your NOT a Khalistani ). The media is helping by default. Or design.”

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