Gucci in a fashion show in Milan dressed up models in different ethnic wear with a Sikh turban causing worldwide outrage. Many felt Gucci should have used a Sikh man instead of just putting a turban on a random model.

The fashion statement of Gucci was not being understood which ended up hurting Sikh sentiments. People took to Twitter to express the outrage.

A Hindu actor on Twitter brought the incident to the attention to social media users he said:

“Yo.. @gucci … I mess with you guys… but this isn’t a good look for you.

“Could you not find a brown model?”

He added: “and please, other people of colours, this happens to ALL of us, say something even if it doesn’t apply to you personally.

“I got you, if you got me.”

Twitter user jaz wrote: “My blood is boiling right now. As a Sikh, I see this as a huge sign of disrespect and disregard towards Sikhism.

“It isn’t hard to educate yourself on the significance of a turban. This isn’t a mere fashion accessory!”

Gucci received a strong action against the fashion show on Twitter:

Twitter user Jaz said she was offended by the move:

One Sikh Twitter user wrore:

This is unacceptable and offensive @gucci. Wearing another religions article of faith is not fashion, its appropriation! Sikh men are profiled and discriminated against every day for wearing a turban, yet when you put in on a white person, it’s suddenly fashionable and cool?!?!

Gucci went so far that they put a Turban on top of a Hijab:

Dr. Jasjit Singh expressed his unhappiness:

Some people provided advice for Gucci:

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