NEW YORK – A US-based Sikh human rights group Sikhs for Justice has condemned violence against Sikhs in Indian-occupied Jammu and announced $20,000 as compensation for the family of 24-year-old Jasjit Singh, who was killed in police firing on Thursday.


Sikhs were protesting against the ripping of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale’s poster hung at Rani Bagh for the annual program remembering shaheeds of 1984.

Sikh youth Jasjit Singh became a victim in cold blood after police opened fired on protesters in Jammu. Jasjitt Singh instantly lost his life after being shot in the head.

The youth wasn’t involved in the protests but was just passing threw the area and became a victim. Jasjit was sent by his parents to get medicines for his 85 year old grandmother. He noticed protests going on in the area he was passing by and thought to stop by his friend’s house to avoid the protests but unfortunately died when police real bullets.

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