Graveyard to Replace Sikh Museum After Demolition Notice Served

(DSU News Bureau) The owner Sikh Museum on Balongi Road in Mohali was given a demolition notice to vacate in 1 day by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority.

The Museum shows sculptures of events in Sikh history and has attracted thousands of visitors over the past 12 years. The owner claims the land was allotted to him but according to the GMADA he illegally occupied it.


The GMADA will construct a graveyard on the site after demolishing structures on Monday if they owner fails to vacate.

GMADA estate officer Rajdeep Kaur said: “We have got eviction orders from the Punjab and Haryana high court. We tried to help the owner vacate the land, but he wants another piece of land in exchange, which is not possible. He will have to vacate the land till Monday.”

The owner of the museum Parwinder has been designing the sculptures of Sikh warriors and martyrs for the past 12 years out of fiber glass.

“I am being made to suffer for no fault of mine. I thought that the land had been allotted for the museum, but later I got to know that it had been acquired by GMADA,” said Parwinder.

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