A Granthi Singh named Kulwant Singh attempted suicide on a water gallon tank tower. A camera man and journalist made his way up the water tank to talk to Surjit Singh. Kulwant Singh told the media that at Gurdwara at Surjitpura he did sewa for seven years.

He stated that his wife was molested by Harjit Singh son of Surat Singh and that Harjit’s family verbally abused him with racial terms related to his caste. Kulwant Singh said he was threatened by Harjit Singh over the matter after he approached the man and questioned him. He said he approached the Gurdwara committee to help him in the matter.

Kulwant Singh on top of water tank tower

He stated that he wanted charges filed against Harjit Singh but the police didn’t do enough to help him. The man tries to seek justice over the sexual abuse of his wife but he said despite complaints against the man he was abused by the committee and other people. Kulwant Singh says that he has no choice but to protest and ask for justice from the police. He stated that his demand is to arrest Harjit Singh.

He went onto say that he’s received death threats against his life. He went onto to tell the media that he trusts his wife and that she is innocent. The Granthi Singh says that he worked hard and did his sewa at the Gurdwara Sahib wholeheartedly.

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