The Sutter County Superior Court Judge Brian Aronson issued orders to seal the Yuba City Gurdwara Sahib due to a power struggle among 2 groups.

The group in charge hired a lawyer named Michael Barrette who requested the judge to sign an order of dispersal at the request of the current committee.

The two groups fighting for control of the Gurdwara resulted in intense verbal exchanges over the Golak and the control of the Gurdwara Sahib’s keys.

The lawyer argued that the Gurdwara has a history of violence and to prevent further violence it’s in the best interest to lock the doors because back in 2012 there was a fight which resulted in 2 people getting stabbed.

The lawyer told a local newspaper Appeal-Democrat that “Nobody gets in, nobody changes anything, nobody takes any money.”

It’s unclear on how long the Gurdwara will be closed but it appears it’ll remain closed until the two sides come to an agreement.

Local sangat expressed disappointment that the Gurdwara Sahib is a place of worship and that people come to attain peace and happiness but golak greed caused the doors to be locked.

The Appeal Democrat reported:

The dispute stems from a Dec. 25 emergency meeting of the board of directors at the Walnut Avenue Community Center. Harbhajan S. Dheri was elected executive committee president, Palwinder S. Malhi was elected secretary and Sukhvinder Singh was elected treasurer, said board member Parminder S. Grawal.

At a Dec. 26 meeting, a vote was taken to throw out the election results, Barrette said.
The results were voided because the election was conducted without following the temple’s bylaws and the civil code, including who called the meeting, who sent out notice for the meeting, where the meeting was held, and that the meeting was held on a holiday, Barrette said.

However, Malhi said the board of directors followed the bylaws in the Dec. 25 meeting, and the Dec. 26 meeting was the one held illegally because of actions taken at a Dec. 5 meeting.

“They called a meeting and didn’t have a quorum, so they filled the quorum illegally and removed five board of directors who didn’t agree with them, and put in eight new board of directors,” Malhi said.

The situation escalated on Dec. 31 when the newly formed committee came before the standing committee to get the keys to the temple and were denied. The newly formed committee left with the unlocked donation box from the day, and the standing committee took the locked box, Grawal said.

On new years day, the new committee changed the locks of the doors

Worldwide Sikh sangat have expressed outrage over the sealing of the Gurdwara and has appealed for immediate reconciliation of the matter.

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