Girl Who Rescued 4 Kids from Burning Van Says She Warned Driver of Burning Smell from Van

4 School children tragically died by being burned alive when their school van caught on fire at Longowal in district Sangrur.

The incident led to the death of four children while the other 8 were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. The driver fled from the scene before pulling out some of the children from the burning bus and three of children belonged to one family.

A 14 year old girl pulled out the remaining children while the driver fled from the scene.

The girl told a reporter that she first escaped from the burning van and kept pulling kids as possible out. She stated, “I first broke the window of the door from something within the car. I managed to escape and I was then able to drag the kids out of the window. The children were crying and I was also panicking but I kept taking the kids out. I then brought the kids to a nearby school to keep them calm.”

The girl further stated that a few people on a tractor trolley warned the driver that the van was on fire and to stop and get the kids out. The girl stated the driver didn’t hear the people and kept driving. The girl went on to say that they were travelling on the bus for the first time and usually they traveled on an auto.

Here is the video of the interview:

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