Gippy Grewal’s Film ‘Posti’ Looks to Break Barriers in Punjabi Cinema

A new film in the Punjabi Film industry titled ‘Posti’ looks to break barriers in Punjabi cinema. The film touches a crucial subject which most producers find it too risky in terms of a business standpoint.

According to several Gippy Grewal interviews, the film touches the issue of how the system causes drugs to destroy the life of young men.

The teaser of the film shows the primary subject of the film appears to be how the drugs get into the mainstream and reaches people who would otherwise not have access to drugs. The film also appears to show the involvement of politicians and government’s corrupt system.

Producer Humble Motion Pictures run by Gippy Grewal take a massive risk but look for the public’s support in supporting a diverse Punjabi cinema. Gippy mentions that the film shows the perspective of drug addicts and how they get their hands of various drugs.

In a ABP Sanjha interview, Gippy states that it’s widely known about politicians being involved with drugs and the film highlights such things.

Gippy Grewal has grown to be one of the most diverse producers of in the Punjabi film industry producing films on diverse subjects. Films such as Ardass and Ardass 2 showed how the power of prayer can make miracles happen.

As a producer Gippy Grewal’s films are all family based films which not only entertain but pass a positive message to the audience.

Here is the trailer of the film:

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