Singer Gippy Grewal has received immense respect after his song Zaalam’s video was released.

For the first time, Grewal has released a song on a Dharmi soldier after many of his songs on woman. The song has reawakened people of the grave human rights violations of the 1990s. After decades of silence the conversation about the killings of Gursikh boys has come back to light with his new song. The song shows how a regular Punjab resident turned from wanting to join the army to a dharamic soldier.

Furthermore, the song’s lyrics point how Sikhs were made to pick up weapons and were left with no choice not to. A conspiracy against the Sikhs was exposed in Gippy Grewal’s new song.

However, after this song many Panthic groups have issued statements in support of the song.

The video starts off by showing a family discussing career related issues. Things immediately turn serious after the daughter complains a local policeman had been harassing her.

The policeman walks and falsely arrests the brother and sister. The story goes onto show how brutality on the hands of the police cause a young man to go from joining the nation’s armed service to a dharmic soldier.

The father who was a patriot came to understand that the nation his father died for didn’t bring him any justice and so he was happy his son became a dharmic soldier.

The song sends a message that only justice was demanded by the Sikhs which was denied. A creative video by Gippy Grewal which is bringing him a lot of respect as it’s a very courageous thing he’s done.

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