Giani Thakur Singh Exposed by Bibi From UK (Video)

Giani Thakur Singh Exposed By UK Bibi by dailysikhupdates

Giani’s Response Part 1

Giani Thakur Singh's Response to Bibi… by dailysikhupdates

Part 2

Giani Thakur Singh Response to Bibi's… by dailysikhupdates
A Bibi From the UK had visited Kathas of Giani Thakur Singh while she was in India. Bibi claims the Giani Thakur Singh became a fatherly figure to her but he took advantage and tried to kiss her and when she refused he said he kisses his daughters this way. The phone recording seems legitimate and authentic and exposes the sad truth that women are not even safe now in Gurdwaras. This is the second major incident that has come out since the Kirtaniye who was arrested by Canadian police after sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl.

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