Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib Jathedar Giani Mal Singh has proved to be a liar and drama actor after his false claims of dropping charges of a man who attacked him.

Nihung Singh in the circle is being reported as Joga Singh who attacked Giani Mal Singh.


The truth is that the police and SGPC task force beat the attacker named Joga Singh brutal causing him to be unconscious outside of Mal Singh’s home. Therefore, Joga Singh wasn’t in the physical position to be brought to court. The drama was enacted by Giani Mal Singh and the police because if the man dies than the blame would’ve been on the police. Also, the media would’ve circulated the images of the dire physical condition of the attacker leading to embarrassment of Giani Mal Singh. The clever drama by Giani Mal Singh was nothing but fabrication.

Giani Mal Singh’s lies are now exposed and he’s stepped to a very low level. The condition of the attacker is being reported to be very critical.

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