German Media First to Cover Extra Judicial Killings in Punjab (Video)

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“The policemen pushed me. I fell to the ground. Then she fell upon me and beat me. I lost consciousness. When I had to take off my clothes, I prayed for help. But no one helped. Please tell me, why do I have this suffer torments? ” Soni Suri wrote these lines in jail. She wanted to tell what the police did to her. She has survived the prison badly injured. The police have beaten them. They tortured with electric shocks and sexually abused them. Later doctors found stones in the body of Soni.
Tormentors are not prosecuted wordee
I would take one of these police officers, I could kill him. You still run around freely. After what they did to me. You have a great life. I have to fight for every piece of bread, “says Soni For a year she is free -.. To deposit your phone is bugged, she believes her daughter is nine and does not go to school for fear of the police She avoids her… Mother of the page. “If I’m not not at home, she calls me. She asks me if I’m okay. She wants to know if the police have done something to me again, “says Soni.
Soni Suri takes us into their village. You risked much to show us. The father lives in fear, the mother died when Soni was in prison. Her husband was tortured and is no longer alive. Soni is constantly observed. It took less than five minutes, when suddenly a policeman stands in front of the house.
Police arrested en masse – and tortures
Medical report by torture Autopsy report: In the democratic state of India is gefoldert.
Soni lives in the state of Chhatisgarh, center in India. Again and again there are attacks by Maoists, radical left. The police is under pressure. The police arrested many people may be transported. Since not is executed looks exactly rather beaten. So, people, acts they have not committed confess or accuse other.
Soni refused to do that. Seven offenses hung the police on her. Six times she has been relieved. Her brother is intimidated. Only Sonicare dares to struggle. “I told no fear of the police. If they put me under pressure, they have problems. Honestly, that should fear me.” Because Soni is not silent, her case is now known in India. This protects them. But: Most cases are never publicly.
If the police strikes, which is often not perceived as breaking the law. So this is normal for many people. Most victims sign anything. And the police has solved a case again. This is not just a local problem. The Internet is full of scenes of torture – however, it is difficult to check who has turned the videos.
Ex-police officer Satwant Singh fights for education
Ex-police officer Satwant Singh in conversation with correspondent Gábor HalászEx-police officer Satwant Singh has documented cases of torture.
We show Satwant Singh. He lives in northern India in Punjab. The images come familiar to him. He says they are harmless. He himself was once a policeman. “This torture is completely usual The hold tight and beat them That’s nothing much worse things are happening:…. Electric shocks in the ears or on the genitals”
Satwant Singh once wore the uniform proudly. Today he is no longer a cop. “A young man they laid face-down on the floor. She clamped down the legs and then pulled him by the arms again and again up until far into the night. He had severe internal injuries, his bones were broken. The husband died. They then cut his body and filled with stones and sank the body in the water. ”
Satwant refused to participate. He was then beaten and even dismissed from the police force. For the family it was a difficult time, but Satwant just could no longer be silent. “If I had also tortured, I would have today a lot of stars on the shoulder. I would be a big shot,” says Satwnat. He has collected and handed over to the judiciary, many cases. After 20 years he is finally heard by the Constitutional Court.
Hush money for families
The more we research, the more harrowing stories we learn. Harjeet Singh hanged himself – for fear that it will hit police again. He was just 16 years of age and was arrested for theft. The parents are desperate because they could not prevent the suicide. The doctor brought them the autopsy report. He shows clearly that her son was tortured keep the evidence in his hands. Injuries, cuts on the legs everything is listed. But they want to do anything against the police. The reason: The police were there and paid 250,000 rupees, around 4000 euros, for the dead son. The Deal: The parents remain silent. Know about the neighbors.
The police do not want to talk about it. We also get an interview. No one should know that torture in democratic India.
Author: Gábor Halász, ARD-Studio New Delhi

Translated coverage of German media covering story of extra judicial killings in Punjab

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