In a rare inteview, General Jagjit Singh talks about in detail on how he made 90,000 Pakistanis surrender in the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

General Jagjit Singh Arora:

When the Pakistani Soldiers Saw the Sikhs Approaching The Battlefield, the Singhs were approaching and chanting their battle cry. The Pakistani Soldiers knew they would be no match and so 90,000 Pakistani Soldiers surrendered to General Jagjit Singh Arora. This caused the independence of Bangladesh. When the Sikh Genocide broke out in Nov 1, 1984.

General Jagjit Singh Arora Had to hide in a hindu friends house as Sikhs were being mass murdered. The Hero of India, The Man who made 90,000 Pakistani Troops Surrender, The Man Who Gave Bangladesh Independence, The Man Who Fought for India had to hide to save his life.

Historic Surrender of 1971 by dailysikhupdates

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