Gangsters Shoot Gangster in Police Car, Then Do Bhangra and Air Fire

Famous gangster and Sharp Shooter Sukha kalavam was killed Wednesday by a gang at highway and did bhangra in front of the police.

Kahalavam relief from Nabha jail Jalandhar police had brought for hearing.

Meanwhile, the police after hearing dry Nabha was being returned to jail, Jalandhar and Ludhiana on the highway in front of Divine Public School two luxury cars came and stopped the police vehicle, after which miscreants all policemen dropped down from the vehicles and policemen captured weapons.

Pratakhadarasiam the name of confidentiality in the event that more than a dozen armed miscreants shot dry about 50-60, and when he died, the gang began to Bhangra and air fire.

Have been told that the miscreants off the dry-down from the train and started shooting blind Wow. During this drought, which were shot 50-60, he died on the spot. Dried another prisoner appearance came on a shot rang. The wounded prisoners were admitted to the hospital for treatment

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