Gangster Threatens and Demolishes Sikh Shops in Mahoba, UP (Video)

Sikh community living in the City of Mahoba in UP reportedly by the Sikhs living in there have stated they are under threat of the local gangster named Gautam Sharma. The gangster seems to have control over local politicians and has demonstrated his influence on the police.

The Shops of Sikhs were forcefully demolished without any prior warning. Sikhs openly protested the demolition of their shops. They fearlessly stood together as 1, they primarily say they are being targeted because they are less in population there.

The police was seen beating Sikhs up for protesting. No police was protecting the shop owners and their items were being looted. The residents say no media has covered their story. The shop keeps have stated they have all legal rights to do business in the market.

About 3 Lakh Sikhs currently live in Mahoba, UP. The residents state they are Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh and won’t let a gangster threaten them.

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