Via: Sikh Youth Birmingham
Ex – Gangster and cocaine addict reforms himself from the life of the streets, to the life of of a gursikh.


Balraj singh lived a life of crime and addiction upsetting his family and friends. Living a life where he was distanced from his loved ones, due to his lifestyle choices.

Someone who’s seen a lot in life from being stabbed to regular fights, abusing alcohol and drugs on very regular basis.
His substance misuse had a detrimental affect on his family, but Maharaj Kirpa he has come out stronger the other side.

By Coming into Sangat of gursikhs and attending the gurdwara regularly, his life has had a positive change.

He says ” I’m thankful to guru Ji for giving me the Sangat and Seva that keeps me focussed, but has had positive impact on my family life to for the better. Id like to thank Sikh youth Birmingham for supporting me and guiding me, but now it is my duty to Continue to help others who are falling down like I did”

This gives those hope out there, who are finding it hard to come forward and struggling to come to terms with the reality of addiction.

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