Subaig Singh Kandola, a UK boxer made an hilarious video on how UK Gurdwara committee members support interfaith Anand Karaj weddings. The video posted by Subaig himself on his Facebook is receiving tremendous response as it sarcastically highlights the issue in a comic manner.

Recently, Interfaith Anand Karaj is a hot topic in the UK after Chardi Kala Sikh youth have protested several ceremonies across the UK. The Sikhs say that according to the Sikh Code of Conduct an Anand Karaj can only be between 2 Sikhs as it represents devotion to the Guru. An Anand Karaj is a Sikh ceremony where the couple decide to live according to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s teachings and accept as Guru.

Some Gurdwaras break maryada and allow interfaith Anand Karaj ceremonies to happen in the name of coexistence but it violates the very essence the ceremony stands for. The couple can do ardas in front of Guru Sahib and a civil marriage are always options.

The views below are not of Subaig Singh Kandola and it’s to be taken as sarcasm and comedy.

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