NDTV has a comic program where various characters are made to make fun of politicians or celebrities. In the most recent episode, they showed a man dressed in a Sikh appeareance acting as a bookie for the Delhi elections.

The average person watching this show will probably be entertained and think nothing of it. However, it can also be seen as a way to tarnish the image of Sikhs. Now, a question arises that what was the need to even show someone in a Sikh appearance?

Many see this act as a larger strategy to show Sikhs as a form of comic relief and slowly the image of a Sikh in society is being destroyed. Sikhs were once looked as warriors in India and many foreigners would make postcards standing next to Sikh soldiers but the recent media campaign against Sikhs have slowly wrecked this image.

Another point to take note is that gambling is against the principles of Sikhi and so choosing a Sikh to act like a bookie is completely against the faith.

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