The un-edited video of the incident which occurred on June 3, 2015 reveals how Sacrilege was done inside the Diwan hall by a few individuals.

A few women and particularly 3 men caused chaos inside the Gurdwara by repeatedly interrupting Katha by Baba Hari Singh Randhawa. The issue of the women was to ask the Baba about his comments on impurity of women. The baba addressed the concerns and stated he will have a question and answer session immediately following the katha.

The impatient individuals weren’t satisfied on a discussion later on and wanted answers immediately. The sangat became upset over what was occurring and requested the individuals to calm down and to let the katha continue.

The matter escalated and police with shoes entered inside the Diwan Hall causing beadbi and embarrassment to the Sikh community. The few individuals could have just waited as the Baba was willing to address their concerns and ready to give answers to them.

However, the attempt appeared to malign the baba and to create unnecessary chaos.

Prior to the sacrilege

The group had already submitted a list of questions which the baba brought to the attention of the larger sangat and stated he will be providing answers.

In Hazoori of Guru Sahib commotion ensued and even the Dhadi Jatha’s seva was interrupted.

The women made a larger issue by calling in PTC and giving an inaccurate portrayal of events.

The truth of the matter was that beadbi was caused and disrespect to Guru Maharaj. The video reveals what actually occurred.

Missionaries were chosen by the individuals to debate the Baba on the issue of impurity.
Part 1 of discussion:

After a somewhat failed discussion by constant off topic and interruptions another sitting was held.

Part 2 of discussion:

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