Full Update of Bhai Gurbaksh From Hospital (Video)

Here is a complete Video report by Sangat TV on how Bhai Gurbaksh Singh’s life was saved.
It is clear from the report that :
1) Bhai Sahib’s condition had deteriorated and he was requiring oxygen mask
2) Bhai sahib didnot want to go to hospital BUT sangat was divided and Jujhar Singh and a lot of sangat wanted to take him to hospital as advised by medical doctors
3) Police was there in full force and would have forcefully taken Bhai Sahib to hospital if the issue was not resolved in an amicable way.
4) Bhai Sahib life needs to be saved as his death will NOT serve any purpose.
5) People need to understand what Jujhar Singh said exactly—He said we wanted to bring Bhai Sahib to hospital BUT Bhai Sahib DID NOT want to come.
Ultimately Bhai sahib was brought to hospital by Doctors, police and sangat that wanted to save him. Yes, it was against Bhai Sahib’s wish BUT it was important to save his life and he is still not being force fed by mouth and only getting Intravenous fluids etc

Via Avtar Singh Canada

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