Sikhs are calling on the Indian Govt to raise the issue of turban less photos on all government IDs of France.

Sikhs are calling the French Govt requirement as being “humiliating” and “embarrassing.”

The Sikhs living in France feel that with the new French Govt would be willing exempt Sikhs from the requirement.

Representatives of the Sikh community told TOI:

Sikhs in France have also released a global appeal to the Panth. “We appeal to the Panth to take the notice of situation of Sikhs in France. The Dastaar struggle is still on the table. Even after the success in United Nations, the situation of Sikhs in France has not changed. Each time French Sikh wants to apply for any identity document, we are asked to remove our Dastaar for the picture. We need the support from entire Sikhs from world. What’s happening in France can happen elsewhere in Europe.”

In the past, Sikhs have appealed to the Indian Government to take up the issue but nothing was done when the French President Hollande visited in 2016.

The regulation dates back to 2006 when identity photos became a requirement and no religious headgear was exempt.

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