A Sikh man and 3 of his friends died in a deadly car crash on Muriwai Beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The 4 men between ages 27 to 32 were driving at speed along the beech when suddenly they lost control and spun out causing the vehicle to overturn.





The victims identified as: Syed Jafri, 29, from Pakistan and a New Zealand resident, Dilpreet Singh, 32, from India, also a New Zealand resident, Imad Dib, 31, a Lebanese national and Pulkit Malhotra, 27, an Indian tourist.

The vehicle was a 2001 Mitsubishi Pagero was near the water when it flipped over several time which resulted in the all four being thrown out of the vehicle.

The locals have stated that during the past few years the number of people speeding and four wheeling on the beach has dramatically increased.

During the past 2 years, the rescue helicopter has been called 28 times to the beach where 16 of those times were vehicle related.

The police department at Waitemata Road that arrived on the scene and investigated the accident stated the men weren’t wearing seat belts.

The police commented on the incident:

“This is a horrific accident that has resulted in the death of four young men, we have had fatalities here in previous years and also several serious injuries so it is very disappointing, particularly for the families concerned it’s a very very tragic time.

“It was a particularly challenging scene for the emergency services to deal with, we had four deceased people at the scene which is always challenging, and of course it was at sunset with the tide encroaching.”

Following the crash on Sunday evening Inspector Mark Fergus said it was important for people to keep heir speed down while driving on the beach, with speed the “greatest determinant” of how serious any injuries were in a crash.

“Keeping speed down in the beach will keep everyone safe this summer.”

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