Before we begin, please note that this account has not been verified. However, General Hameed Gul is real.

The Internet, and Twitter specifically, can be a beautiful place. And it can also be a festering pus-filled boiling pot of hate. And in one of our escapades, we found a Twitter account by the name of General Hameed Gul.

General Hameed Gul is a retired officer of the Pakistan army, and former Director-General of the ISI.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the point of the article; his Twitter account.

General Hameed Gul somehow made an economic comparison of Sunny Leone and Sikhs calling Sikhs backwards because of her being a Porn Star. There is no relation between Sunny Leone and Sikhs and so to make that point is absurd.

He tweeted:
“Sunny Leone is another poor Sikh girl in US who joined porn industry. Proves my point that Sikhs are economically backward in North America”


In another tweet he writes:

“My visit to Canada in 2011 revealed majority of Sikhs are Trucks, Cab drivers ,security guards or cleaning washrooms. #Shame”


Sikhs are known worldwide for their work ethic and have done many jobs to rise in the economic ladder whether that is construction work, driving taxis, or trucks. To suggest it’s a ‘shame’ to do such jobs for an honest living is disgraceful.

Also, one doesn’t become successful overnight because it takes hard work and effort.

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