The person who the police has alleged of the foreign hand into the Bargari sacrilege has spoken out. The police have alleged 2 brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder into the sacrilege in Bargari. The Singhs close to the brothers and those present during the Kotakpura incident have spoken out against the police accusations.

The 2 foreign suspects of the Punjabi Police Bargari case from Australia and Dubai have spoken out on various media outlets.

The person of the ‘Australian voice’ in the PTC Channel’s ‘Secret Recording’ has spoken out on the truth of the whole matter.

Australian Singh Speaks Out on Rupinder Singh’s… by dailysikhupdates

Dubai Singh Speaks Out

Dubai wale singh di video by punjabspectrum

Sikh Channel Report on the issue: From Dubai:

Sikh Channel Breaking News by dailysikhupdates

Sikh Federation Mehta on the Issue: 

Related News:

Singhs have raised questions on the arrests made by police and claims by police to nab Bargari culprits. Singhs have released a number of videos in support of the accused brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh. Rupinder Singh is currently in the hospital being treated for serious injuries he incurred on the hands of police during the Kotakpura incident which claimed 2 lives.

Rupinder Singh can be seen in the pictures donating blood for a good cause, meeting Bapu Surat Singh, and taking care of a Singh in a hospital
Rupinder Singh can be seen in the pictures donating blood for a good cause, meeting Bapu Surat Singh, and taking care of a Singh in a hospital

New details emerge contradicting Punjab Police allegations regarding suspects accused of Beadbi at village Bargari. People on social media are not trusting story by Punjab Police and rubbishing claims by police.

Protests continued in Punjab on Wednesday over incidents of sacrilege with Sikh activists blocking key roads at many places and paramilitary forces taking out flag marches in sensitive areas.

The Singhs who were present at the Kotakpura incident said the 2 arrested had been protesting since the sacrilege happened and known to be very outspoken. The Singhs disputed the claims by the police and said the brothers Rupinder and Jaswinder are being falsely framed for crimes they did not commit.

A Journalist from the Lambi, named as Mintu Gurusaria posted regarding two brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh who were arrested in Beadbi.

Even Sikh Student Federations President Paramjit Singh Khalsa said on Jus Punjab TV that he knows Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh.

Viral comment of Baljinder Singh on incident :

” Sacrilege incidents in Punjab villages are local issues, no agency or conspiracy involved” Badal Sarkar. This is latest version of govt regarding sacrilege incidents. Just two days ago CM Parkash Singh Badal had stated that “Big Powers” are behind these incidents referring to intelligence agencies, some national news agencies had blamed ISI , Pakistan behind these incidents . So where did those reports go now. Suddenly every thing is nothing big. Were you fooling public two days ago or you are fooling them now. How come same intelligence agencies can give two different reports in a matter of just two days. These seemed manufactured solutions to deal with the growing anger of Sikhs against govt. Now they say all culprits are Sikhs too. So suddenly Sikhs started hating their own Guru just after the pardon Hukamnama to Dera Sirsa and started ripping their own guru . Some Chrishma happened and Sikhs got mad at their own guru. Who is advising Badal Sahib what to do to deal with his own created problem, that adviser is making him dig more deep in the problem . This ridiculous statement which contradicts their own statements are not going to cover up the conspiracy hatched by their own agencies. Good luck Badal sahib

Father of Rupinder Singh Speaks Out:

Father of Rupinder Singh by dailysikhupdates

Video 1:

Singhs on police framing by dailysikhupdates

Video 2:

Police Frame 2 by dailysikhupdates

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