After the Akal Takht Pardon of Dera Sirsa Sadh, the followers have gained tremendous confidence to make announcements of their programs from Gurdwara Stages. An incident occurred at village Ghanda Bana’s Gurdwara Sahib where the followers of the dera made an announcement of their “Satsang” program at home. The youngsters who were present at the Gurdwara Sahib were angry that how the Jathedar’s decision is already negatively impacting Sikh codes of conduct inside Gurdwaras.

The Gurdwara Parbandak Committee’s head Malkit Singh said, “we told the followers the Jathedar’s decision is being pondered by a committee but they showed us the Hukamnama and now we are in a difficult situation on what to do.”

The pardon of the Akal Takht has caused a dilemma among Gurdwara committees where there is a significant followers of the dera.

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