First Time in History Effigy of 5 Sikh Jathedars Burnt in Punjab

Singhs in Ajnala burnt the effigies of 5 Singh Sahibans in protest of the pardon given to Dera Sauda Sadh. This is the first time in history that effigies of Sikh Jathedars have been burnt.

The Satkar Committee has appealed to Sikhs to boycott all Jathedars from political and religious events. The Sikh groups have decided to protest against the Jathedars until another decision on the matter gets taken.

Akal Takht appointed Jathedar has recently accepted a so-called “apology letter” from the self-proclaimed God-man Gurmeet Ram Raheem, chief of the highly controversial Sirsa cult. Sikhs from across the world are in deep fury over the decision given by the appointed Jathedar, on such a sensitive issue, that has been pronounced without the prior consultation of the Khalsa Panth. Sikh organisations from across the world have condemned the move.

The Sauda Saadh has not presented himself in front of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, but merely sent a letter that has no official stamp, nor is it written on an official letterhead of the Dera, and furthermore he has not apologised in it. The Dera chief didn’t admit his guilt; the only two words which make an “apology letter” are the words “Kahima Da Jachak.” It is true if someone has genuinely asked for forgiveness, then a pardon from the Sikh nation can be offered. But how is it that someone who has not even asked for forgiveness be given a clean-chit.

The leaders know they will easily secure the vote bank of Punjab’s naïve Sikh community, but the question for them has always been on how to secure the vote banks of these cults. Sikhs worldwide are aware that this is what is being resolved. There is no doubt the majority of the Sikh nation worldwide has categorically rejected the so-called “apology” letter.



Picture Via Punjab Spectrum

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