First Song From Film “Black Prince” By Satinder Sartaj

Satinder Sartaaj sings a song from the film “The Black Prince”.

Satinder Sartaaj live in the BBC ASIAN studio ,Satinder Sartaaj sings a rendition of a song from his up and coming film “The Black Prince” for Bobby on the Big Desi Show..

Maharajah Duleep Singh Sir Duleep Singh, GCSI (Lahore, 6 September 1838 – Paris, 22 October 1893) was the last Sikh ruler of the Sikh Raj, which had at its height included Panjab, the Northwest Frontier Provinces, Kashmir, Jammu and Ladak. He was the youngest son of the legendary Shere-e-Punjab (Lion of the Punjab) (Maharaja Ranjit Singh) and (Maharani Jind Kaur). In his later years Duleep Singh purchased a 17,000 acre (69 km²) country estate at Elveden. He fell in love with Elveden and the surrounding area and restored the church, cottages, and school. He transformed the run-down estate into an efficient game preserve and the house into a quasi-oriental palace where he lived the life of a British aristocrat, hunting with the High Society and Royals of Britain, even the Prince of Wales enjoyed hunting at his Estate.

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