A man by the name of “Baba” whose preserved in film thousands of Sikh historical sites in Punjab published a video tour of Lahore Fort Built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Baba on his Facebook page Save Historical Gurdwaras and Temples of Punjab has literally posted thousands of photos of abandoned Gurdwaras in Pakistan.

The Gurdwara which were abandoned after 1947 were once against made available through pictures for the millions of Sikhs around the world. Baba has done a selfless service for the Sikh nation by preserving long lost treasure of the Sikhs in his photos.

After the photos were made public, a new effort has been launched by the Pakistan Govt to preserve such sites.

Baba has traveled thousands of miles to villages and cities across Pakistan from the south to the north to preseve historical shrines of the Sikhs.

Here is the video he made on the Lahore Fort:

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