First Ever Sikh Float at Amerian Rose Parade 2015 (Full Video)

The annual Rose Bowl Parade is one of the most watched events of the United States as it’s part of the New Year’s celebration which is enjoyed by different cultures of the country. The theme of the 2015 Parade is “Inspiring Stories”. One of the most inspiring stories of American history is of the Sikh community who first came to the country in the 19th century working on rail roads.

The parade first started in 1890 celebrated it’s 126th year and for the first time ever, a Sikh float made it’s debut.

The founder of Sikhlens Bicky Singh, stated how the float is a great way to break stereotypes in the United States of the Sikh community as it will be watched by millions in the United States and over 100 Different countries.

The main organizers for the float were SikhLens, SALDEF, and United Sikh Mission.

Some of the key things featured on the float is a railroad representing the Sikhs first occupation in the United States, a tractor representation of the contribution of Sikh farmers in California, and the first Sikh Gurdwara built in 1912.

Sikh Float at Rose Parade 2014 by dailysikhupdates

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