First Ever Documentary on Sardar Baghael Singh Ji Who Conquered Delhi

Camped in the jungles around Delhi

It is also commonly believed that Baba Baghel Singh with his army had camped in the jungles surrounding Delhi from which they were planning to secretly launch their attack. However, when their presence was soon discovered and the Mughal Emperor was informed that 30 thousand Sikhs were camping in the jungles. The place where the camp was established later came to be known as “Tis Hazari”. This is where the present day Delhi High Court is located.
Another story goes that the Mughal Emperor when he came to know that Sikhs were planning to attack Delhi, as sufficient quantity of food and other essential commodities were stocked in the fort he ordered that all gates of the fort be closed so that the Sikhs camping in the jungles would soon run out of rations and go back. The Sikhs also realised that their surprise had been lost and it was impossible to capture the fort with all gates closed and locked. Some of the Sikhs accidentally came across a mason from the neighbourly village who informed them that a particular place the wall of the fort had caved in from inside though the exterior was intact. He also agreed to lead the Sikh and show them this spot. The Sikhs planned to ram the wall with logs to make a hole in the wall to enter the fort through. This place is now called “Mori Gate” and this where the Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) in present Delhi is located.

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