First Ever British Observation of Sikhs Discovered

The following research has shown some really amazing details of the first ever British officer’s observation of a Sikh Gurudwara in Patna in 1781. The officer Charles Wilkins describes his experience inside the Gurdwara and the hospitality of the Sikhs inside of being cordial and letting him observe the congregation’s ceremony. To date this is the first ever British account of a Sikh place of worship in History that has been discovered and he mention’s clearly that it was established by Guru Tegh Bahadur and so it must be Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib in Patna. ¬†Charles Wilkins refers to the Gurdwara as a college as back in those times each Gurdwara not only had a place of worship but also a place of study/School and a pharmacy. The proceedings of the ceremony are very well described and we look forward to providing some more ground breaking research. -Editor Daily Sikh Updates

wilken's observation of sikhs 1781

wilken's observation of sikhs 1781a

wilken's observation of sikhs 1781ab

wilken's observation of sikhs 1781abc

wilken's observation of sikhs 1781abcd

Below is a sketch written in 1813 mentioning Charles Wilkins research into the “Seeks” by John Malcom

wilken's observation of sikhs

wilken's observation of sikhs2

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