The Fateh Burj is the tallest minar in India situated in the historical village of Chappar Chiri in the SAS Nagar district, Punjab. The 328 ft tower is dedicated to establishment of the Sikh Misals in a large part of India in 1711.

Fateh Burj, the tallest victory tower in the country is situated in Chapparh Chirhi, near Landran in Punjab. commemorating the victory of Sikh warrior Baba Banda Singh Bahadur over Mughal governor Wazir Khan, the 328-ft tower is dedicated to establishing the Sikh rule in India in 1711.

The height of the Fateh Burj (Victory Tower) is 328 feet, In this structure, a special EPDM membrane has been used. The reflected image of the tower in the water body adds another dimension. Six shell structures along the water body and towards south east side of the memorial similar to the original tibbas (mounds) have statues of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his five generals namely Bhai Fetch Singh, Bhai Aali Singh, Bhai Mali Singh, Bhai Baj Singh and Bhai Ram Singh. Out of these six shells (mounds), four are organic and two shells are designed with RCC. A theatre is planned to offer an immersive experience to visitors. The architecture highlights how the difficult terrain of Chappar Chiri aided Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his army of irregulars defeats Wazir Khans highly trained soldiers, cavalry, cannons and elephants.

Wazir Khan deployed his cannons and lined up his elephants, cavalry and skilled warriors at a plain site beyond which lay the rough landscape of Chappar Chiri (chappar — pond, chiri — cluster of trees) and tibbas (mounds). On the eve of war Baba Banda Singh Bahadur reached the site in the evening. He climbed the highest tibba to take stock of the enemy forces, assessed his strengths, and drew a strategy for war. The tibbas provided defense from cannon fire and the chin forced the enemy to engage in close quarter fighting.

The chappar (pond) has been incorporated in the design to recreate the eighteenth century environment.

Fateh Burj is an octagonal tower with a RCC central core which resists the total lateral and seismic force. It has side ROC walls having beautiful arches going in curvilinear fashion (emphasizing attitude of Chardi Kala) supported on steel columns & can resist winds upto 170 km/hour.
The central octagonal core has two high speed elevators and a staircase which takes the public to three levels of victory i.e. 72” (victory of Samana), 122” (victory of Sadhaura) and 223” (victory of Chewer Chin). Crowning the Victory Tower is a 30” dome.

Three skywalks of Fateh Burj will take you 300 years back and give proud feeling of victory looking at the statues of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his five Generals atop tibbas as they might have stood at that time.The Victory Tower is lit in two parts. The Kharda and Dome is lit by high intensity flood fight. The rest of tower is lit in three stages by Color Reach light controlled by DMX Controller and I — Player to give color changing effect programmable up to 1 lac combinations.

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