During cricket matches players sometimes get overly passionate and tempers flare in which name calling and back and forth comments are made but an incident in Bermuda during a domestic match went ahead and broke all sportsmanship rules, resulting in the permanent ban of Jason Anderson.

The wicket keeper has been banned from playing cricket for life after a brawl broke out on 12th September during the Bermuda Champion of Champions final.

The Cleveland County Cricket Club member, wearing blue and white in the video, hits opposing Willow Cuts Club batsman George O’Brien from behind and sparks the fight, which is broken up by other players and members of the Bermuda police service. O’Brien received a six-match suspension for his part in the incident.

A cricket match turned into a wrestling-kickboxing contest with players fighting on the field with bat being swung and one of the cricketers knocked down to the ground. The end result – life ban for one of them. This ugly brawl was witnessed on September 12 (Saturday) in Bermuda during the 2015 Champion of Champions final between Cleveland County Cricket Club and Willow Cuts Cricket Club. Jason Anderson, the 36-year-old wicket-keeper was handed a life ban by his club for the fight on the field. He has represented Bermuda in 5 One-Dayers and 9 Twenty20s. Anderson was charged with Level 4 breach of code. Anderson had a spat with opposition batsman George O’Brien. And between one of the overs, the verbal duel turned ugly with both exchanging blows.

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