(DSU News Bureau) People of Punjab village Paparali captured a Cheetah which roamed the village streets a few months ago. The cheetah was spotted days prior and invoked restlessness among the villagers.

The entire village was on guard to capture the cheetah safely. The fearless villagers set up a successful trap to lure the cheetah in.

The cheetah can be seen captured by primarily 2 people who planned the trap.

The entire villagers celebrated on rooftop immediately after the animal was caught. People can be seen celebrating on rooftops and joyous over the outcome. However, 2 villagers were injured during the capture but were in stable condition.

Video 1

Singhs capture cheetah in Punjab Village by dailysikhupdates

Video: 2

villagers Capture Cheetah by dailysikhupdates

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