Harnek Singh Mann, the father of Punjabi actor/singer Harbhajan Mann passed. Harbhajan Mann and his brother Gursevak Mann remembered their father’s life and sung poetic lines in his honor.

Harbhajan Mann shared the following message on social media after the passing away of his father.

“With profound grief, I am sharing the news of the passing of my father, Sardar Harnek Singh Mann, who passed away today peacefully at 4pm. My father dedicated all of his life and love in caring for me and my siblings. Even though he became a Widower at age 42, he took it upon himself to make it his life’s work to support and raise me in a way so that I could fulfil my dreams. Whatever challenges life threw his way, he endured them with pride and perseverance. I will miss you always. Rest in peace Baiji…HM”


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